Talent Bank Application

The Commission is seeking residents who would like
to serve, on a volunteer basis, on our fund raising committee.
The Commission currently has two major fund raisers during
the year, the Community Classic Dinner and Benefit Auction
and the Golf Classic Tournament.

The Dinner is held on a Saturday in February at the Bavarian Hall and we
raise money for our scholarship program and for community projects
determined by the BTW Revitalization Committee.  During this event,
we honor a respected citizen of the community and have a guest
speaker to entertain the crowd.

The Golf Classic Tournament is held on a Monday in August at the
Sinking Valley Country Club.  This benefits all program participants
involved in Commission’s programs.

Also, this Committee will entertain ideas for more fund raisers
that will not only benefit the Commission but raise awareness of
what the Commission does and the need for better public park
facilities in our community.

If you have any questions, you can call Mike Hofer, Executive
Director at 949-2231 or e-mail him at hofer@cbrcparks.org.

Click on the link below to view the application.

Talent Bank Application